What´s GIPJA?

Global Innovation Platform for Junior Achievement

In over 100 countries around the world, students show their entrepreneurial spirit and manage student companies on their own. Different national and international contets connect thousands of students yearly. But that’s only a small fraction of the several millions students worldwide who are part of the JA-programs but sadly only work distributed around the world in small communities. We present the solution to a problem not often addressed. With GIPJA we intend to unite the student companies, mini-enterprises, etc. around the world to a global community that can interact closely together and support each other. Be a part of this revolutionary project and support us with our work, we are looking forward to your message!

Our vision

„Instead of abandoning our idea, we brainstormed to find solutions to our failed project and that is how GIPJA started.“

— Technik TaskForce

The categories


After we contacted numerous JA organisations around the world and several student companies in Europe to establish international collaborations, we waited exitedly for weeks. Around 40 emails sadly resulted in only three answers and our idea seemed to have been ruined. Instead of abandoning our idea, we brainstormed to find solutions to our failed project and that is how GIPJA started. Instead of collecting contacts for hours on end and then not getting answers, we present a simple and fast solution for global JA-communication: A forum in which you can chat with millions of students around the globe in matter of seconds and engage in partnerships and friendships easily.

Who we are – Technik TaskForce

We are a group of students at the Bischöfl. Willigis-Gymnasium in Mainz Germany. A few years ago, we began taking care of the maintenance of the technical devices in our school extracurriculary. As time goes by, we became a contact for both teachers and students. Now transformed this engagement into a business model and signed up the student company „Technik TaskForce“ at IW JUNIOR and developed a solid, secured structure.